I focus on texture and its relationship and resonance with the subject.

My inspiration for images of the tactile and detailed aspects of plants and animals stems from my professional interest in biological sciences and a passion for biodiversity.

Using  printmaking techniques such as collagraph, monoprint, drypoint, and linocut, sometimes experimentally combined, manulipulated and modified, I create marks that excite me!  These can then be used to celebrate what I see and feel.  The play of light within the piece is often an important aspect of my work and its mood.  I utilize everyday and artist’s materials, and found objects.

I enjoy observing, collecting, sketching and making prints of the wildlife in the fields and meadows of rural Cambridgeshire countryside, where I live and work, and also in my travels further afield. Sometimes I use the  plants and even creatures, in my printmaking plates.  Flora and fauna offer a plethora of shapes and textures that intrigue me and challenge my desire to depict them.

Recent works are inspired by observations and my collections form far and wide.  They include the chameleon I held in Nairobi; dragonflies collected in Africa and also from the reservoir here in Elsworth; studies of fossilised ammonites; and the symbolic carp I admired in China.  Creature that have been incorporated into my own taxidermy prints include a frog from Florida; juvenile swallows that had sadly died and fallen from their nest in my own outbuildings; and insects such as dragonflies.

I also draw inspiration from my childhood right on the Kent Coast; and subsequently living and working in possibly the most visually exciting cities in the UK: Oxford, London and Cambridge. My deep held attachment for the coast is also reflected in my images of my annual visit to the East Coast of Scotland.