My artwork is inspired by my childhood on the Kent Coast, and subsequently living and working in possibly the most visually exciting cities in the UK: Oxford, London and Cambridge!  Influences also stem from my background in biological sciences . Some of my work is based on the human form and I love depicting the flora and fauna in the gardens and meadows of rural Cambridgeshire. My cityscapes include a commission for TheCityUK,  ‘Global’, which incorporates linocut printmaking images of iconic, worldwide cityscapes.

I enjoy manipulating printmaking and painting techniques.  The focus of the artwork is often on texture and its relationship with the subject matter as well as the play of light within the piece.  I use a wide range of media such as collagraph, linocut, monoprint, drypoint, paints and inks-sometimes in combination and quite often experimentally modified to create a range of marks that excite me!