Oxford University

These artworks on this page may be purchased via this website using Contact me.  This artwork was created with for the exhibition at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford and that was shown during their Alumni weekend.

A piece from ‘The Tower of the Winds’ series was  donated to the college, and artwork from this edition is also for sale. These pieces were inspired by the Gods of the Winds depicted on the hexagonal Observatory along with Hercules who tops the Observatory; or show the transit of Venus, linking the artwork to the event the building was originally built to observe!

(Click on these thumbnails to view large or click on the larger images below).

Price List (all sizes refer to actual image size in mm and are approximate)

‘From the Radcliffe Quarter’ (drypoint and monoprint; sepia/green /black OR black/blue/green; 225  x 205)  £70 incl. P&P

‘The  Radcliffe Obseravtory’  (linocut print;  rich orange/blue OR turquoise/brown; 313 x 238) £70 incl. P&P

‘Radcliffe Observatory-Winds and Venus’  (from the Tower of the Winds Series-linocut and drypoint; 395 x395) £90 incl. P&P

‘Radcliffe Observatory-Winds and Hercules’ from the Tower of the Winds Series-linocut and drypoint; 395 x 395) £90 incl. P&P

‘My Favourite Punt’ (black/rich orange; ALSO available in black/green; 265 x 190) £70 incl. P&P

These artworks are artist’s hand-printed, fine art originals and each artwork is highly individual.  They are from variable, limited editions created using artist quality inks on acid-free paper and are signed and mounted.

Please Contact me if you wish to purchase greeting cards with these images at £2.00 each Excl. P&P