I am an artist, fine art printmaker and biologist.

My  work focuses on the experimental manipulation of printmaking and painting techniques.  I draw inspiration from my childhood on the Kent Coast; subsequently living and working in possibly the most visually exciting cities in the UK: Oxford, London and Cambridge; my life now in rural Cambridgeshire; and my professional interest in biological sciences.


This year I have exhibited with the Cambridge Drawing Society in the Pitt Building, Cambridge and as part of Cambridge Open Studios in my studio here in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire.

Creative Art and Printmaking Workshop

Details are on the Cambridge Open Studio website. Find my contact details on my page in Cambridge Open Studios.  Please contact me to book a place or make an enquiry about other dates that might suit you.  Contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing list.  I send out emails every quarter to those interested in updates on workshops.

Commissioned Projects

Commissions are welcome ranging from single artworks, collections or designs. Previous commissioned projects include Vieilles Vignes, a commissioned design for a  Sandblasted Glass Wall, and Global, a linocut illustration for the CityUK.